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Familiar with aspects of the fashion supply chain and know how to deal with suppliers, contractors and buyers. I have worked with a wide variety of production sewing contractors and can help you realize your ideas in a way that is practical for mass-production. I am both a professional patternmaker and sample sewer - Garment Pattern Making, Pattern Grading, Sample Sewing, Sample Sewer, and I do it faster because I've already sewed it together in my head during the patternmaking process. Save time on travel and money on labour. Generally the process starts with a designer's sketch - I'll ask questions about fabric type, finishing, price point and style details, and make the first-draft pattern. Designers will often provide garment or photo samples of details they wish to have emulated. Ideally a "muslin" sample of the style will be made from the first-draft, meaning a quick mock-up in cheaper fabric that enables the designer to see fit and style details, without going to the expense of completing a sample. Adjustments (neckline pinch, hem length, etc...) can then be made to the pattern before the fashion sample is made. Once the sample size has been completed to the designer's satisfaction, the pattern is graded and sent to the cutter. I can cut for you, or you can have your sewing contractor do it.
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CLIENT LIST: Current and past clients include: Ines Di Santos Romona Keveza Arthur Mendonça Erin Kleinberg Greta Constantine David Dixon Cut & Tso Avid Apparel Stealth Wear Protective Clothing Daily News Project The Organic Cotton Company Angela Huntington InSchool Wear RHB Group - McCarthy Uniforms Madame Moje Wee Urban LTD.


Professional Garment Clothing Pattern Making & Grading Sewing Services: Pattern Block Creation Create patterns from existing block patterns Create patterns from specification packages Generate production patterns Grading patterns to your specific customer's needs and measurements Fit Consultation Services Standardize sizing for your product lines Evaluate fit Contribute knowledge of fit within your industry Sewing Services Initial sample Muslin sample

THE EXPERIENCE: Glen McClintock is the operator and founder of Right Angle Patterns. Glen has over 20 plus years of experience providing fit consultation, pattern making and grading with in a wide range of companies throughout the garment industry. Some of his previous experience has been in high-end bridal, better women's wear, men's sportswear, kid's wear, high-end evening wear and hand bags. Glen is experienced in all aspects of garment production. He has spent time sourcing domestic and overseas production facilities for several important clients. He has numerous industry contacts to ensure your designs are executed to the highest industry standards. He has participated in the design process for several of his clients and is able to give you advice on design finishes and details wherever necessary. Glen studied fashion design at Ryerson Polytechnic University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Apparel Design. He has both the technical and educational background to get your patterns and samples done to the highest industry standards.
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